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Fortnite Party

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Fortnite Gaming Party

Fortnite Parties.....

Who wants to take it in turns to play FORTNITE?
Hands up who likes split screen FORTNITE?

With so many screens and consoles, there's no more sharing and no more split screen. If everyone wants to play Fortnite at the same time, they can.

Whether they want to play in SOLOS, DUOS, SQUADS or even CREATIVE.

We have the latest Battle Pass included on every account and over 150 skins to choose from too

Minecraft Gaming Party

Minecraft Parties...

Just like with Fortnite. our Minecraft Parties mean that again, everyone gets their own full screen and everyone can play together in the same world.

Each screen can be setup to play in their own world, or they can all link together in the same world and build something incredible as a team.

Prepare for an adventure of limitless possibilities as you build, mine, battle mobs, and explore the ever-changing Minecraft landscape

If you can dream can build it

Freestyle Gaming PArty

Freestyle Parties...

For a "no rules" style gaming party, just let the kids choose which ever games they want to play. They can all play together in multiplyer games, or simply play single player.

It's entirely up to them.