Fortnite Gaming Party

Gaming Parties Fortnite
Gaming Parties Fortnite

A Fortnite Gaming Party is the perfect party for your Fortnite mad child in our amazing Gaming van.  All you son’s friends will think the gaming party bus is coolest party ever, making you the coolest parent ever.  Every parent know how much their kids love Fortnite, but not all children are the same. At GRFX Gaming we customise the games at all our birthday parties to be just right for the kids on the day. We have over 30 games to choose from including all the favourites, including Minecraft, Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA23, Rocket League, Fall Guys, Goat Simulator and many more games the kids may never have played before. We have the perfect selection ensuring you have the perfect Birthday Party.

All our accounts have over 120 Fortnite skins, emotes and gliders, the kids go crazy when they see some really old and rare skins they can use

With 10 consoles, every child get their own console to play on during the entire Gaming Party, so they can play in a huge 10 player 1v1 battle, or just do a solo, duo or squad Battle Royale Game.  It also means they can choose to play whatever games they like.   They can choose to all play Fortnite together in one big Battle Royale, or few could choose to create an awesome Minecraft world, while another two have a match playing FIFA23.  The decision is theirs.  We have found this the best way to ensure the kids have the best party ever. 

10 consoles

including our unique
Vr racing simulator
from only £149

Gaming Van Party for 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 year olds


Mon – Thu

90 mins £149
120 mins £199


Fri, Sat, Sun

90 mins £249
120 mins £299

No hidden extras or travel charges

Please note : 120 min parties are not always possible at weekends due to other bookings on the same day


Monday – Friday

10am – 7pm


Saturday and Sunday


Fortnite Gaming Party